Online and off, in front of the camera and behind-the-scenes, Marni Harvey leads a multi-dimensional life as a mom, wife and influential boss lady. With confidence and a sense of humor, this fashionable New Yorker seamlessly inspires women to live their best lives through all touch points of her content, from fashion to beauty, travel to wellness, whether she’s walking the streets of NYC, vacationing in the Hamptons or jet-setting around the globe.

Marni’s dream was to become an entrepreneur, boss babe and business owner, so she boldly set out to conquer her goal and never looked back. Five years ago, Marni founded Style on the Rise, a fashion-focused blog and Instagram handle. Her platform attracted an engaged community of individuals who are equally passionate about statement-making trends and living a well-rounded lifestyle.

Throughout the years, Marni has continued to grow her following while maintaining her signature style, edgy-femme with a splash of sass. As her life and content evolves, she seamlessly transitioned her fashion-focused platform into a lifestyle brand through her eponymous site and her Instagram handle @MarniDanielle, where she regularly shares how she juggles life’s predictable and unpredictable moments. By doing so, she extends more access, realness and unfiltered footage to a dedicated audience that is invested in her daily outfits and adventures.

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